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I Dare You To Do It On Camera

i dare you to fuck on camera

I dare you to… thats right, on this latest submission we had a group of college kids playing one of the oldest games in the book. After some easy dares like taking off an item of clothing and booty shaking, the party got real hot. Especially with the star of this one, Nicky. She was a hot little bombshell that delivered one steamy Dare Dorm! Though the game may be old, Nicky brought a whole new meaning to it, and you won’t want to miss it. This one was an instant Dare Dorm classic. There is nothing hotter than seeing a girl getting fucked as her friends offer up their coed titties as tease meat! These girls get totally fucked in a dare game that goes all the way to a messy cumshot finish!

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Cocktache Wild Daredorm Party

cocktache daredorm

I need to get invited to more parties like this, can you imagine have all these hot girls drooling over your cock? This is part of a wild party for a girl who’s birthday won’t soon be forgotten:

This time the birthday girl got exactly what she wanted. In this latest submission of DD, a birthday bash for Rosie becomes a sex party. All her friends gave her things like a jump-drive for school, and a hot dog oven, but her boyfriend gave her what she loved most, which is cock. He didn’t intend to give her the present right in the middle of the party, but she wanted it that way. They started fucking right then and there. Rosie couldn’t ask for anything more. Actually she couldn’t ask for anything at that point because his cock was deep in her mouth.

It’s funny when they use a marker to put a mustache on the side of his cock, and then hold it in front of their faces, making it a cocktache. These girls are naughty and into eating each other out and fucking the lucky dude too, it’s a wild party and I am sure they will regret these pictures and video one day!

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In It To Win It At Daredorm

in it to win it

Sometimes when a girl is dressed all classy, it drives the guys even more crazy on how hot they look, more so if they were naked. That is pretty much what these girls, on this latest submission, had in mind. Why not have a very classy party at the dorm, and somehow it becomes a while sex party. The girls were really hot, with big tits and big asses, at one point, they were three couples fucking at the same time, while the rest of the party kept going in the back. It was amazing, that even continued in the bathroom, of a couple getting really freaky in a stall. This is one hot Daredorm party that delivers bigtime with hot fucking all over the place, sexy girls, dripping hot pussy, and some truly wild dorm room fuck action!

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Cock Measuring Girls Party @ Daredorm

The newest submitted tape to Daredorm is this hot set called Measure Up, where a huge group of girls (probably 10 – 20 girls) has a few guys over for a lingerie and less party, and they end up using the measuring stick to find out which of the guys really measures up! Fucking awesome action here, from the girls fucking around in the bathroom before the party to some wild threeway and fourway action, some lesbian licking, and some shared cumshots and hot fucking. It’s a wild party!

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Daredorm Wild Indoor Pool Party

Kimmy and her college friends wanted to have a pool party in the winter, but their dorm doesn’t have a pool. Their solution? Kids wading pools, lots of booze, and tiny bikinis! This inevitably leads to somewhat less than tiny bikinis being on, which leads to girls making out, girls sucking cock, guys eating girls, guys fucking girls, and eventually, guys blowing big loads of cum all over girls, that other girls lick up. Now this is one banging party! The girls are hot, the guys are horny, and the action in this wild amateur video is non-stop! Maybe they will win the Daredorm cash prize for the hottest dorm room fuck video!

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